You have 3 minutes to get dressed again.

One exam down!!
Die Freiheit schmeckt süß 89 


Had such a good time at London MCM Expo.

Magi meet was the perfection!

Now it’s the time for post-con blue flu…


Was meant to be a quick costume plan for Rivaille….I think….OTL

and I am still on exam hiatus…..


Who’s coming to Ayacon 2013?  (Warwick Arts Centre, UK) 

Looking forward to seeing you all there! 


Anonymous said: do you take requests

I cannot guarantee how long it will take me as I’m studying/working. But more than happy to take one or two :)

"You have already taken my soul. What else did I have left to cry for?"


When I am very productive.


No one can refuse heavenly Sindrian cuisine. But look at the Eight Generals, how do they keep their perfect figures? Well, obviously…

(I have just under 300 German vocabularies to memorise and I require 3kg of chocolate and 2L of coffee. Really, I can’t sleep again OTL)


"…….yeah, thanks Vince."

(Thanks to Maria I had a beautiful Valentine’s dinner. 4 bottles of wine and 6 chairs weren’t enough for us!)


It’s obligatory.


(Arrived! I just have to get an extra pillow and a wine rack.)


kodokugami said: I really, really love your works! It's rare to find good Elliot/Leo fanarts, and I think yours are absolutely the best ones. Keep up :D

Sorry for the late reply…!

I still have a lot to improve and haven’t been able to do much lately. But thank you so much for your kind words and I shall do my best! :)

Does It Please You Master?

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